How to Build a STRONG Online Training Business in 2019 – and beyond!

Here’s the blueprint for the next step in your career

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Hey, I’m Jonathan Goodman

I help trainers make more money, help more people, and have more freedom. I’m sharing what we’ve learned from helping tens of thousands of trainers add online training either full– or part-time as the logical next step in their careers.

You’re about to...
  • Build better support systems in order to protect against the single BIGGEST MISTAKE inexperienced online coaches make
  • Arm yourself with a key mindset shift required to best take care of your online clientele
  • SELL with confidence by using a battle-tested 11-step system for selling online training with integrity (includes a proven script)

*This FREE training is for any fitness or nutrition pro interested in online training or currently working with a few more clients wanting to take a shortcut and learn from the experts.

“Jonathan Goodman is a leading global authority in helping fitness experts take their business online.”

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