VIDEO: Tyler Richmond

Basel, Switzerland

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Speciality: Health and Fitness Goals, Nutrition, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Dads, Middle Aged Men/Women, Athletes, Bodybuilding, Physique, Sports and Exercise, Age/Lifestyle Demographics, Older Men / Women, CrossFit, Prenatal/Postnatal Moms, Women with Menopause, Working Professionals, Young Adults/Young Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training, Some Online Training Experience

Goals: More Family Time, Work/Life Balance, Do What I Love, Better Results in Less Time

“If you’re on the fence I would highly recommend that you jump in with two feet and go all in.” Tyler is a CrossFit coach who hit a ceiling with where he’s at and how much he could do with the hours in a day. When he saw the Academy, he saw new channels for growth, new opportunities to become more efficient, and a way to make more time for his family. Watch Tyler’s story here.