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What are your freedom goals?

  • Better Results in Less Time
  • Do What I Love
  • Financial Security
  • Make More Money
  • More Family Time
  • Travel/Work From Anywhere
  • Work/Life Balance

Thomas Madden

New Jersey, United States Contact This Student: Satellite Fitness

"My freedom goal was to have enough money in the bank to not be worried about going out to dinner and having to keep the bill under $50. My freedom goal was to spend Christmas with my family without worrying about travel expenses and gift buying. My freedom goal was to get enough clients to bring on another coach. Full disclosure - I am 50% through the course, and I have accomplished all of that."

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Sarah Pelc Graca

Novi, Michigan, United States Contact This Student: Strong With Sarah

"Coming from someone who has paid thousands of dollars to "mentors," (some awesome and some not-so-awesome), I can't stress enough how valuable this course is, especially if you're starting to build an online business. Even though I already have an established online business, I learned some new, valuable tips that I can begin implementing immediately."

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Jim Gazzale

Troy, New York, United States Contact This Student: SENS Fitness

"The common denominator over the last four months as business has increased has been taking advantage of the weekly one-on-one coaching calls. I really can’t say enough about how influential this piece of the OTA has been to growing my online business. Having a mentor to talk through ideas, get feedback, and to hold me accountable has been key to my success in business and with getting results for my clients."

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Pradyumna Mukundan

Bangalore, India Contact This Student: Pradyumna's Instagram

"The course is very well structured and gives you very clear guidelines on how you can start/structure an online career. Having finished the course I now know what areas of my business I can do better at and how. It is extremely simple to understand and effective when put into action."

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Argelia Salgado

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States Contact This Student: VroScience Facebook Page

"This is by far one of the best investments I've ever made and my only regret is not having started it sooner. Everything is perfectly explained and laid out for you so that all you have to do is apply the knowledge while simultaneously setting your business up for success. I can't say thank you enough for the solid foundation you have helped us build. Thank you! Thank you!"

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Yusra Eshaq

London, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Fitshatzi Fitness and Nutrition

"My youngest just turned 1. And this is why I am absolutely in love with what you have created! It's not just convenient and affordable for our clients but also it allows for trainers like me to still be able to do what we love whilst raising a family at the same time. I work around my kids, what more could I ask for!"

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Gil Mesina

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Mighty Transformation

"When I started back in 2016 I trained 4 friends for FREE. Today I have trained almost 300 people (paid of course) in 16 countries. The course was great. Yes, you have to put in the work, but I don't have to rely on the latest marketing tool, funnel or ad to get it done. This is what I was looking for and found it through the OTA."

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Leslie Snyder

Walla Walla, Washington, United States Contact This Student: Redefine Fitness and Nutrition

"I could have NEVER done this without all I learned in OTA and honestly, I consider myself a BABY in the online coaching world. I just followed the steps. That's it. Nothing sparkly, nothing shiny. Just consistently showed up every day and worked the planYou can, too."

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Anthony Raimondo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Raimondo Fitness Facebook Page

"I now know exactly what habits and actions I need to execute on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve my goals. No more unknowns, no more fluff."

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Alex Harriman

Barrie, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Alex's Facebook Page

"Five months from the start of my course I graduated, and already have 9 clients 1-on-1 online ONLY. This has significantly cut back on the amount of time I need to be training in the gym setting. I am so happy with where the academy has gotten me already and I feel as though I have hardly even gotten started! I can’t wait to see what the future brings and I can’t thank the academy enough for giving me more time to spend with my family."

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Devon Brown

Greenfield, Indiana, United States Contact This Student: Change Fitness Facebook Page

"A few months after completing OTA, not only am I on track to double my gross revenue, I have also fully replaced the gym's membership revenue with online training. Now I have the opportunity to keep the studio and not stress about the overhead or I can sell the property and not be forced to get pennies on the $$. That is a huge freedom for me and my family!!"

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Chloe Shovein

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States Contact This Student: Coaching w/Chloe

"I finally feel like I'm able to change peoples lives in the way I knew I could. Taking the leap to invest in the OTA was scary, and recently quitting my full time job is even scarier- but each time I return to the materials of the OTA I have another AHA moment and use something to go gain another client."

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Caleb Snyder

Carbondale, Illinois, United States Contact This Student: Snyder Physique

"David and I opened up an interest-free credit card and bought OTA with it back in September. I have made back all of my money and then some. I was mostly in-person with around 5 online clients at the time. OTA is so worth it. Helped my in-person business skyrocket also."

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Brent Thompson

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Sanuk Movement

"Right away I knew I had made the right choice because it forced me to get past each bottleneck issue that I was having previously. Before OTA, when I would get stuck on something, I would move on to something else, telling myself I would come back to it. Nothing ever got completed. By the time I was finished the course, I had everything that I needed to launch my online coaching business."

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Jessi McAllister

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Contact This Student: Fitness By Jessi

"Not only am I super grateful for all the work and details you guys put in the portal and textbook, I feel like I still am who I once was, who I like being. Thank you for helping me pave a way to where I want to go & who I want to be. I've worked SO hard as a trainer these past 8 years, so much hustle. I was afraid I was falling into a path of being irrelevant (one of my biggest fears) with my job while choosing to be a mother, but now I feel like I'm going exactly where I wish to go."

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Conor Sloan

Newry, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Conor Sloan Fitness Facebook Page

"Super impressed with the course! Have 7 more clients already paying me £100/month. Best investment I've made in my fitness journey."

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Gina Mauricio

San Diego, California, United States Contact This Student: Run With Gina, Perfect Fit Training

"I am the online marathon coach that went from one runner to five runners in one year, to ten the next year and now 55 runners in six U.S. states after completing the OTA less than six months ago."

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Lanny Taschuk

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Contact This Student: Transform Fitness + Nutrition

"The course is so well laid out. And I know at least the Facebook strategy really does work. I was able to connect with a friend from University (over 20 years ago) and she reached out (because I started taking action on module 1) and is now a client. She lives a couple provinces away. And is doing very well and satisfied. This course was insightful and helpful on many levels. I'm proud to be part of this community. Thank you."

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Phil Kaiser

Brandenburg, Kentucky, United States Contact This Student: K2 Peak Performance

"The OTA is a great course and very informative. I learned so much and am already using it to get my business up and running. I’m taking a slightly different approach and building a mindset management and mental toughness development program for coaches and athletes. Although different, the course is still applicable and very useful."

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Dennis Smythe

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Contact This Student: Smythe Fitness

"After completing the Online Trainer Academy in December I have already TRIPLED my online training business! I went from a couple hundred dollars a month to over $1000 in just a few short months. No tricks or get rich quick scams, the Online Trainer Academy is a thorough certification and transformational business program that teaches you, step by step, how to capitalize on your specialities and implement specific systems to build a successful full- or part-time online training business."

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Siva Parvati

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Shanti Consulting

"The Academy has given me confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You keep reading FB posts of how other trainers get a lot of clients. Now I know, and I don't have to feel like quitting because I am lost. I know what I have to do. The Academy is a toolbox. If you are not successful, which one of these things are you not doing? Then do it."

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James Deirmendjian

Thousand Oaks, California, United States Contact This Student: Fight Fit Training

"I'm making $6k/month. The Academy has opened my eyes to the possibility of working ONLY for myself and making a reasonable living off of it, or doing better. I feel as if I am just getting started, as there is room for HUGE growth still in this industry."

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Jameson Skillings

Lisbon Falls, Maine Contact This Student: Skillings Fitness

"I have met or exceeded my freedom goal every month since I graduated from the program and have increased my sales by 357% in 2018. Jon does a great job of simplifying the process of getting new clients and helping them stay happy clients."

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Jason Leenaarts

Stow, Ohio Contact This Student: Revolution Fitness and Therapy

"The course was immensely helpful and absolutely overflowing with fantastic information. I will be able to return to the curriculum repeatedly to use the tools provided within and enhance this segment of my business."

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Brad Overstreet

Roatan, Honduras Contact This Student: Brad's Facebook Page

"I have done several training certs online. There have only ever been 2. That is right 2 that initiated any type of contact after purchasing their program. OTA is one of them."

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Stefan Pichler

Urschendorf, Austria Contact This Student: Pichler Stef's Training Club

"I really love what I am doing now and I hope I can have this situation for more than 20 years. For the first time in my life I do what I love, without any kind of negativity."

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Aaron Smyth

Blackrock, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland Contact This Student: Aaron Smyth Personal Training

“The one thing I started to use straight away was the google docs/q&a sheets or application forms for getting new clients. I had made the money that I paid for the course back within the first month, plus more.”

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Troy Bennett

Willowbrook, Illinois, United States Contact This Student: Troy's Facebook

"First 5 clients are locked in and coming along! Only thing I did was give daily fitness and niche community content (cosplay and geek culture stuff), and do my 5 contacts a day. My clients are friends of friends, who I met both online and in person at comic-cons. Doing everything I can to be THE online trainer to know in the Chicagoland Cosplay Community. It's working."

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Yeo YiQuan James

Singapore Contact This Student: Sports Nutritionist James

"Much of my success happened because of one of the 2 underlying principles behind the OTA: Do a good job, tell everybody about how damn good you are. How good is OTA? Before the course I had 30 cents left in my bank. That's how good OTA is. Are you a super good coach who wants to bring your business to the next level? This is it."

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Aprile Shade

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago Contact This Student: Aprile's Facebook Page

"Super excited! Just wrapped up my Online Trainer Certification! Now officially certified and ready to get out there! Thanks OTA for bring awesome and helping me position myself to deliver amazing service to my clients. Really, REALLY excited to get out there and get going!"

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Michael MacDonald

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Liberty Fitness

"The support provided offered by the course far exceeded my expectations. My course mentor, Amber, has been amazingly supportive, knowledge, helpful, available, flexible, compassionate, encouraging and understanding through 1-on-1 weekly voice calls."

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Prince Bell Jr.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States Contact This Student: Prince's YouTube Channel, Urban Acolyte

"Even though I have completed OTA, passed the exam, and have online clients, I still carry my textbook. I still go back and watch some of the lessons. I think even when I reach some of my fellow OTA classmates who are doing things I aspire to do that I will still be going back to look at some lessons."

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Alisandra Khairuddin

Singapore Contact This Student: FitNut Loft

"I was a Precision Nutrition Client and loved their curriculum and software, so I jumped at the chance to use it (Being PN certified too). But, then what? How do I get my name out there? I got these answers from OTA."

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Haley Conant

Mesa, Arizona Contact This Student: Onyx Athletic Performance

"I have had more people approach me about being their trainer since I started the Academy 4 months ago than I have in the previous 3 years. Do what Jon says and you will create a business to give you the freedom to live your ideal life. I don't feel like I'm spinning my wheels anymore."

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Ray Graber

Tacoma, Washington, United States Contact This Student: Thrive Theory

Where else can I learn to reach people from all over the world who live with chronic illness and apply ALL of my modalities in one training package?  I now have the time, renewed purpose and mental capacity to write a book and start a podcast while serving to empower some of the most amazing people I have ever met in different continents and countries across the world.  Ya.. I'd say taking OTA has changed things for me a bit."

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Malcom Wilson

Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States Contact This Student: Level Up Performance Coaching

Malcolm goes from selling gym memberships to building his own business. “Online training has given me a couple extra thousand a month, which allows me to work less and have time with my son, and help more people all at the same time. These days, I spend about 10 hours a week training in-home, and 5 hours of training online. That’s it. I’m like a stay at home dad.”

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Bob Aeroh

Tarifa, Spain Contact This Student: Aerohfit

"The course gave me tools I could work with. The course itself is just full of everything you need to start - even part time at the beginning."

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Tim Ross

Wellington, New Zealand Contact This Student: RippedGamers FBook Group

"Using Jon’s marketing strategies and very effective advice from the OTA head coach, I now have a flourishing community, a solid client base, and things are exploding forward!"

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Keaton Ray

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States Contact This Student: Empty Nester Fit

"The Academy has helped me take steps towards my goals by giving me clear steps to take. It seemed like I had a jumbled list of objectives, but the academy helps makes sense of it all with clear and concise steps to take."

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Wendy Kotorynski

Washington, United States and British Columbia, Canada Contact This Student: Wendy K Wellness

"Worth. Every. Penny. You learn all sorts of stuff that helps you think about your business and run it successfully: organizing, marketing, sales, all sorts of stuff. I have taken lots of business/entrepreneur courses over the years, and I still learned a TON in the Academy. It also provides a TON of specific info and useful examples on things that will help you be successful and help the people you work with. In addition, there are a ton of useful resources provided. It's the real deal and not false or 'inflated' advertising of the benefits."

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VIDEO: Claudia Baillargeon

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Contact This Student: KarmaKin

Claudia has worked in gyms and coached different classes for years, and was tired of the constant driving, waiting for clients and wasted time between classes. She knew there had to be a more efficient way to help more people in less time. Watch as she shares how the Online Trainer Academy gave her the work-life balance she craved.

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Jasneet Jodh Singh Jhinger

New South Wales, Australia Contact This Student: Livfit Lifestyle Personal Training

"There's so much simple yet brilliant information that I acquired through this course. This course teaches you that you can be successful by just focusing on the simple and easy things rather than trying to excel at all the 'in things' or 'trends' that come up every day."

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Matthew Clines

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States Contact This Student: Matthew Clines' Instagram

"The Online Trainer Academy is easily the best purchase of my life." Matthew, who starred in Big Brother (US), gained five new online clients before even finishing the Academy and was shocked at how quickly he made back his initial investment.

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Adam McEwen

Lees Summit, Missouri, United States Contact This Student: Pursuit of Strength

"Got it done! Awesome course! I structured much of my business going along with the program and already had a few clients before completion. Thank you Jon Goodman for providing much-needed guidance!"

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Carolina Belmares

Barrie, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Sweatglow Fitness

The result of her success with online training is that Carolina is not just making money — typically upwards of $3k a month just from online training — she’s able to use that money to bring her family together. “I was able to pay for my entire family to go to an all inclusive resort for a week and be there for my friend’s wedding," she says.

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Tracy Johnson

Bristol, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Tracy's OTA Review on Her Blog

"I had tried unsuccessfully to get an online training package off the ground last year but didn’t have a clue what I was doing. With the Academy, I was able to identify my niche client group and get busy targeting them so that I didn’t waste time or valuable resources. I learned how to run my platform off Google Docs – so simple and accessible – how to cost out my hours, and how to design the package to avoid the newbie mistake of trying to be available 24/7 to clients and wasting precious time." Read more about Tracy's experience by clicking to her blog's review (link above).

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Marc-André Seers

Quebec, Canada Contact This Student: Marc-André's Facebook Page

"That moment when you help change lives while making more money than you ever dreamt of." With the Academy’s guidance, Marc-André was able to skyrocket his online coaching business to over 100 clients. He now works online full-time and travels with his girlfriend around the world.

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Brianne Clarke

Utah, United States Contact This Student: Zenith Health Solutions

"This was such an incredible course! The great thing about knowledge is, when applied correctly, it can change how you see everything. I can definitely say that I'm so very grateful I did take this opportunity."

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VIDEO: Andre Filon

Quebec, Canada Contact This Student: AF - Thérapie. Mouvement. Performance

Andre's schedule was all over the place. "I worked a great number of hours, but was not very productive." He was looking for a way to make his time more profitable and work more intelligently. Watch his video to see how the Academy helped him achieve exactly that.

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Alex Kennedy

Los Angeles, California, United States Contact This Student: Atvolve

"Whoohoo! Just passed my test, I'm now a certified online trainer through the Online Trainer Academy! Yay! To anyone considering this education: do it. Best investment I've made thus far in my fitness training career. Thank you Jon Goodman for the incredible content, support and community!"

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Rick Elnor

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: EDG Fitness

Single father Rick overcomes a motor vehicle accident and finds a way to support his son. Without online training, “I’d be broke. Frankly, my life would be chaos.”

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Sue Kauffman

Lewistown, Pennsylvania, United States Contact This Student: Sue's Facebook Page

"I started using the marketing system from the Online Trainer Academy late last week and I booked my first client consultation today. It works! You just have to get a system in place and do the work. Even though I'm a full-time teacher, I made over $500 of extra income last month."

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Kristy Lee Wilson

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States (originally from Australia) Contact This Student: Kristy Lee Wilson

"I was that trainer who loves to train but SUCKED at the business side. Marketing is NOT my strong point. This whole course has helped me tremendously." Kristy had been training online for three years, and wasn’t able to move her business forward until she found the Academy. Now, business is better than ever, and she has a much clearer path for future growth.

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Celeste Penner

Saskatchewan, Canada Contact This Student: Freedom Fitness & Weight Loss Coaching

"I'm almost through Module 2 of the Online Trainer Academy and I'm loving every step of the journey! I was on the fence about taking the course, but the content is incredibly invaluable."

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Jonathan Sylvester

Houston, Texas, United States Contact This Student: First Impression Training

"HUGE shoutout to the Online Trainer Academy! I launched my online training program on the 1st and just went over the $1k extra mark, and still climbing! If you're still on the fence about whether or not to take the course, just do it." Jonathan is now making six figures and able to travel the world.

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Annie Faith

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Annie Faith Fitness

"Woo hoo! This course is brilliant! I've been training online for a year, and this course has taught me SO much covering every aspect of running an online personal training business. I can't wait to implement everything and see my business grow. Thanks Jonathan and the OTA team!"

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Gina Patterson

Bend, Oregon, United States Contact This Student: Bite Nutrition

Gina finds balance and builds her dream coaching business. “Online training has given me freedom,” says Gina. Case in point: “I was able to spend the summer with my kids. Before I got laid off, I was dreading the summer, knowing I would be working 60-80 hours a week and not be able to be with them. Now, I could say, ‘sure, let’s go for a walk or a bike ride’.”

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Kaye Leslie Otis

Louisiana, United States Contact This Student: Titanium Fitness

“Thanks for changing my life forever. I'm in the airport waiting to board my plane on my third trip in three months. I no longer worry about clients not staying consistent. I'm making money while traveling thanks to my online clients, and hoping to get some new clients on this trip. The online training program has allowed me to travel again which is one of my passions.” Kaye has been getting so much attention, she now has a team of three coaches who work for her.

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Arpita Boyd

Worldwide (Originally from Mumbai, India) Contact This Student: Mind and Body PT

World traveler Arpita Boyd is her family's sole breadwinner. The systems and strategies outlined in the Online Trainer Academy gives her the time freedom and financial freedom that she needs, and was life-changing when her mom was hospitalized and Arpita had to travel from overseas to care for her. Arpita now has a steady flow of clients online and has a much more flexible schedule that allows her to spend time with family.

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Carlton McIntosh

Manchester, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Move and Educate

"Thank you for putting together an informative, bad-ass course! For anybody thinking about this, then I'd say go for it. This is coming from a 21-year-old ninja with hardly any money at this moment in time. But before buying this, I was procrastinating so much, then I remembered something I heard: 'Growth only occurs when you take massive action.'"

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VIDEO: Marc-Jason Locquiao

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Contact This Student: Redline Conditioning

"It's nice to see the step-by-step approach to creating a business." Marc's biggest takeaway from the Online Trainer Academy was the business structure and systems he needed, and how to put it all together in a step-by-step approach to creating a successful business. Watch Marc's experience here.

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Jeremy Mallory

Virginia, United States Contact This Student: Jeremy's Facebook Page

"After taking the initial step, I found myself glued to the material. The first week I started getting leads that I would have never reached if it wasn't for the new methods in this course. I'm an active-duty Marine, husband and father of two and the course was easy to navigate and put into practice. If you are on the fence, consider this an investment worth taking."

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Charles “Petey” Bell

Bryant, Arkansas, United States Contact This Student: First Klass Nutrition

Charles ditches the endless hustle for a better work-life balance and a bigger legacy. “I don’t want to be there for 40 years and get the gold watch. I want to build my own brand, my own legacy. Something to pass onto my kids. This will give me the freedom to do it.”

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Siobhan O’Hagan

Digital Nomad (Originally Dublin, Ireland, but currently traveling the world) Contact This Student: Siobahn's Instagram Page

Siobahn first enrolled in 1K Extra, the original precursor to the Academy (all of our students get lifetime updates). She now has a booming online business and travels the world, living the dream nomadic lifestyle. "I just focused on being happy," she says. "I quit my desk job and followed my passion. I've made more money in my first month than I thought possible. I've made an extra $3,000 this week!"

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Phil Scholey

Woodinville, Washington, United States Contact This Student: Phil Scholey's LinkedIn

"I can't say enough good things about this program." Phil ranks the Academy's business models and tools as the "single most in-depth" ever and felt like it prepared him "for every foreseeable aspect of training clients online."

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Dennis Deheza

San Francisco, California, United States Contact This Student: Dennis Deheza's Facebook Page

"I was working through the Academy in the process of moving and now have 10 online clients which I couldn't get without the OTA's help," says Dennis Deheza. With the Academy, he was able to incorporate an online training component to his business to create a steady secondary stream of income.

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Johanna Sopo Soler

Maryland, United States Contact This Student: FitZone360

"Before starting the Online Trainer Academy, I was suffering a serious case of paralysis by analysis." Johanna hired mentors and business coaches, but her business never moved forward. Within six months of starting the Academy, Johanna went from zero clients to five new online clients.

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Bill Calhoun

Singapore Contact This Student:

"Right now I'm better off than I ever was before.  I'm getting better and happier every day...every day that I implement something from OTA.  We don't ever really finish OTA. We just keep getting better."

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Raissa Rangell

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Rangell Fitness

Raissa keeps her independence and grows her career, while following her partner abroad. “Most of my Toronto clients are still my online clients,” says Raissa. “They’re waiting for me to come back.” Instead of abandoning her client base in Toronto, she’s been able to serve them online. Then, when she returns, she can go back to in-person or hybrid training with them if she wants.

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Sally Hartl-McWilliam

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Contact This Student: Fit With Sally

"I've debated posting this for half an hour as I don't want to seem like I'm the duck's nuts, but: Using some of the techniques from the Online Trainer Academy, I just made $750 with about 40 minutes of work!"

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VIDEO: Molly Galbraith

Lexington, Kentucky Contact This Student: Molly Galbraith's Facebook Page

"We wouldn't have been able to provide the value or free information that we do if it wasn't for online training. It takes money to make these things work. I'm proud that I'm able to now employ a ton of women." Watch how Molly Galbraith, cofounder of Girls Gone Strong, used online training and the Academy's strategies in her movement to change the world.

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Emma Fay

Manchester, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Lean Lady Fitness

"I've started reading the online training textbook and cannot put it down. I was almost late for my client yesterday as I was so engrossed!" Emma helps busy women aged 24-44 who lack the motivation needed to tone up, get fit and increase strength. With the Academy, Emma was able to build a sustainable online coaching business for busy women.

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Mercedes Pollmeier

Seattle, Washington, United States Contact This Student: Mercedes Pollmeier's Facebook Page

When you enroll in the Academy, you're given lifetime access to all future updates. Mercedes enrolled in the Academy's precursor, 1K Extra, and got free access to the Academy. In just a few years, she grew her online business to 25+ clients...all without doing any marketing!

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Carys Andersson-Jones

Suffolk, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Bliss and Thrive

"I now have six online clients and am about to launch my first online 30-day challenge for cruise ship crew members!" Carys studied through the Online Trainer Academy while working on a cruise ship and was able to create and sustain a successful online training business.

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Daniel Lopez

Brooklyn, New York, United States Contact This Student: Daniel Lopez Training

Opera singer Daniel uses online training to put his dream career center-stage. “There was no magic pill,” says Daniel. “I had to work to get to the success. But all the time and money I’ve spent have been worth it. Now it feels like everything is coming together.”

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Sam Charlton

Christchurch, Dorset Contact This Student: Coach Charlton

"I just wanted to share a couple of WINS for today: 1. A post I shared earlier today is receiving a fantastic amount of feedback. 2. I'm a certified online trainer (OTC) through the Online Trainer Academy. The 2nd one is a BIG DEAL and I'm really pleased I took the plunge and committed to the course. It's everything you'd expect from the Mastermind that is Jonathan Goodman. The course is quality, easy to follow and I really felt like the information sunk in thanks to the variety of educational tools on offer. I highly recommend it!"

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VIDEO: Carrie De Silva

Bermuda Contact This Student: Carrie Lee Fitness

Carrie was working six days a week, which left her no free time for travel, friends or growing her business. With the Online Trainer Academy, Carrie was able to build an online training into her services, and build more freedom into her life. Watch as she shares her experience.

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Evan Cook

New Hampshire, United States Contact This Student: Head Down Heart Up

"Up at 4 a.m. to make sure I know how to implement online training the right way? Yeah, I think that's a high-yield way to spend my Saturday morning. The Online Trainer Academy is easily the best, most thorough and comprehensive online course I've ever seen (and I'm only halfway through the second module). Online training is great but I think the OTA has just set a new standard for what it means to create an information product. Bravo!"

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Daryl Ng

Singapore Contact This Student: Daryl Ng's Facebook Page

Daryl Ng landed his first new online clients before he even graduated from the Online Trainer Academy. "You don't have to finish the whole book to start applying what you have learned," says Daryl. "In fact, after the first few topics, I was so excited, got started, eventually got new clients and earned enough to pay off my installment plan."

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Nicholas Moen

Australia Contact This Student: Integrity Personal Training

"Brilliant course. So much quality content and value. Many thanks to the Online Trainer Academy team!"

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Shiggi Pakter

London, UK, originally from Kenya Contact This Student: Superbodied Performance

Shiggi refuses the typical “box” life to play by her own rules as a part-time online trainer. Now, Shiggi has her “1k Extra”, making room for her multiple interests. Most notably, her budding DJ career. “My goal is to only work with clients online. If they want, they can see me in person but it comes at a premium, because otherwise I’m in studios or flying around Europe.”

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Tom Hart

Dunedin, New Zealand Contact This Student: Tom Hart's Facebook Page

"What a great feeling! Thank you, Jon Goodman and the team for developing a certification with such high standards. I strongly believe that the Online Trainer Academy will change the landscape of online training."

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VIDEO: Connie Pastorius

New York, New York, United States Contact This Student: Connie's Facebook Page

"This was the one part of my career that hadn't been explained to me in any previous education." Through the Online Trainer Academy, Connie discovered how online training was the most logical way for her to add on what she really loved (engaging with people). Watch her experience to learn more.

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Jason Chartrand

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: How Jason Chartrand Got His First Client

Using the scripts and strategies taught in the Online Trainer Academy, Jason Chartrand landed his first online training client without needing a website or paying any money for ads. Read Jonathan Goodman's simple case study on how Jason did it (click the link to the case study above!).

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Mike Willis

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Project Health Life

"This is by far the simplest and 'easiest to understand' course I have ever taken. Ever. They outline the pure basics and help you lay your foundation, ripping away all the bullsh**." According to Mike, he felt on the path of increased freedom before even finishing the first module.

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Matt De Los Santos

Robstown, Texas, United States Contact This Student: Matt De Los Santos' Facebook Page

Matt used one of the sample sales scripts and step-by-step guides in the Academy and posted it on his Facebook page. "I've gotten over 100 inquiries and they're continuing to come in as we speak. I'm going to cry. Thank you!"

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Terrell Baldock

London, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Mom's Fitness Boutique

Terrell goes from postpartum depression (and the big box gym blues), to a booming hybrid business helping new moms. The best part for Terrell is being able to support her clientele the way they want, and need, to be supported. 

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Shane Kokas

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Contact This Student:

"This course was phenomenal! I have been training clients for a few years online now, and the information in here is incredibly beneficial in creating structure and taking it to the next level."

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VIDEO: Kosmas McLean

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Contact This Student: Kosmas McLean's Facebook Page

"If a trainer isn't, to some degree, involved in training online they're kind of missing out." Kosmas found incredible value in the support and camaraderie that came with being an Online Trainer Academy student and graduate. Watch Kosmas' experience here.

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Kati-Lyn Grimes

Richmond, Virginia, United States Contact This Student: 365 Grind Fitness

"When the Online Trainer Academy was released, I knew that our new adventure after I got out of the Navy would be to follow my dreams. I completed the Academy in one month and every chapter, every module had me so excited. I'm currently putting all the pieces together!"

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Daniel Lona

Chicago, Illinois, United States Contact This Student: Daniel Lona Fitness

Daniel Lona helps busy professionals who want a better body, and used the Academy's strategies to add "Lean and Confident" (his online nutrition coaching) to his existing business. This created a secondary stream of income and gave Daniel more flexibility with his schedule. "This helps me be a far better coach to my clients by offering them a higher standard of service," he says.

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Lillian Aguilar

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Contact This Student: Fit with Lil

As a vegan personal trainer and Mrs. USA Globe 2012, Lilian is no stranger to living a healthy lifestyle and knowing what it takes to help others reach theirs. Before enrolling into the Academy, Lilian wanted to offer her services online but didn’t know the best route to take. She waited almost an entire year for the Academy enrollment to open up, and it paid off. With the help of the Academy, she was able to build and now successfully maintain an online fitness/nutrition business and help people around the world.

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Michael Beiter

Des Moines, Iowa, United States Contact This Student: Pillar Coaching Services

"The results speak for themselves. And as of this writing, we've signed 220 clients with an average monthly revenue from each of $180.00, and a lifetime average value of just over $1200."

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Rhanell Robertson

Greencastle, County Down, Northern Ireland Contact This Student: Rhanell Fitness

"Everyone who is considering the Academy: Do it! When I started the Academy I had mostly one-on-one personal training clients and a handful of online coaching clients. I did the course eight weeks ago and did exactly as Jonathan Goodman told us to. I created a package and gave it away for free to 10 people, three of which got amazing results. This was my advertisement: Do a good job and let everyone know! I now have over 100 clients and I'm fully booked until November. I'm flabbergasted, thank you!"

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VIDEO: Niki Martino

Orlando, Florida, United States Contact This Student: Niki Martino's Facebook Page

"I sat out on the patio this morning, drank my coffee, wrote my client's programs, and I'm good and I've made my money for the day. I can do that anywhere." The biggest thing Niki learned through the Academy was how to market yourself to attract the right clientele, and how to know your worth and value yourself. Watch Niki's review here.

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Mark Avens

Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States Contact This Student: Avens Fitness Systems

"Great course, awesome content, and well worth my investment. Earned it back before even finishing!"

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VIDEO: Benjamin Mudge

Belfast, Northern Ireland Contact This Student: Ben Mudge

Ben was searching for business systems that would give him more time with his wife and dog, and ultimately wanted an income stream that didn't require him to be in the gym. Watch his video as he shares how he now has a full-fledged online training and nutrition business, a steady stream of clients, and has the freedom to live life on his own terms.

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Matt McKay

Dunedin, New Zealand Contact This Student: Matt McKay Personal Training

"The amount of knowledge I have learned since enrolling in this program is amazing! I am now officially a Certified Online Trainer!"

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Francis McCabe

Belfast, Ireland, Europe Contact This Student: Precision Online Coaching

Francis stops burning the candle at both ends and spends more time with his family. ”Instead of working in the business, I now have time to work on the business," he says. Typifying his new lifestyle, Francis shared this story with Eva Rose bouncing on his lap. This is what his life is like now: not away at work, but home, with family at the forefront.

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Robert Rodgers III

Phoenix, Arizona, United States Contact This Student: Robert Rodgers' Facebook Page

"This course was everything that I needed. I was confused when I joined because I had notes that I'd taken from my certification studies, other trainers, online marketing for fitness professionals, #YouNameIt. But THIS course...I have nine clients now because of the Online Trainer Academy and I feel a whole new level of confidence. Things are so clear now and I'm no longer confused."

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