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  • More Family Time
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Do What I Love
  • Make More Money
  • Travel/Work From Anywhere
  • Financial Security
  • Better Results in Less Time

Thomas Madden

New Jersey, United States Contact This Student: Satellite Fitness

"My freedom goal was to have enough money in the bank to not be worried about going out to dinner and having to keep the bill under $50. My freedom goal was to spend Christmas with my family without worrying about travel expenses and gift buying. My freedom goal was to get enough clients to bring on another coach. Full disclosure - I am 50% through the course, and I have accomplished all of that."

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Sarah Pelc Graca

Novi, Michigan, United States Contact This Student: Strong With Sarah

"Coming from someone who has paid thousands of dollars to "mentors," (some awesome and some not-so-awesome), I can't stress enough how valuable this course is, especially if you're starting to build an online business. Even though I already have an established online business, I learned some new, valuable tips that I can begin implementing immediately."

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Jim Gazzale

Troy, New York, United States Contact This Student: SENS Fitness

"The common denominator over the last four months as business has increased has been taking advantage of the weekly one-on-one coaching calls. I really can’t say enough about how influential this piece of the OTA has been to growing my online business. Having a mentor to talk through ideas, get feedback, and to hold me accountable has been key to my success in business and with getting results for my clients."

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Pradyumna Mukundan

Bangalore, India Contact This Student: Pradyumna's Instagram

"The course is very well structured and gives you very clear guidelines on how you can start/structure an online career. Having finished the course I now know what areas of my business I can do better at and how. It is extremely simple to understand and effective when put into action."

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Argelia Salgado

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States Contact This Student: VroScience Facebook Page

"This is by far one of the best investments I've ever made and my only regret is not having started it sooner. Everything is perfectly explained and laid out for you so that all you have to do is apply the knowledge while simultaneously setting your business up for success. I can't say thank you enough for the solid foundation you have helped us build. Thank you! Thank you!"

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Yusra Eshaq

London, United Kingdom Contact This Student: Fitshatzi Fitness and Nutrition

"My youngest just turned 1. And this is why I am absolutely in love with what you have created! It's not just convenient and affordable for our clients but also it allows for trainers like me to still be able to do what we love whilst raising a family at the same time. I work around my kids, what more could I ask for!"

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Honesty and transparency are very important to us. These are real coaches, students and graduates who had success with the Academy. No one was compensated in any way for their review or testimonials. In all cases on this page we have included websites and/or social media accounts and you are welcome to contact anybody featured on this page to ask questions about their experiences in, and after, the Academy.

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