Ben Graham

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Speciality: Age/Lifestyle Demographics, Bodybuilding, Dads, Health and Fitness Goals, Middle Aged Men/Women, Older Men / Women, Prenatal/Postnatal Moms, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Women with Menopause, Working Professionals, Young Adults/Young Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Make More Money

“So, you’re considering taking Jon Goodman’s Online Trainer Academy course, but you aren’t entirely certain if the financial investment is worth it. I get it. I was you. 22 years old, slaving away for a gym owner who viewed me as little more than someone to fill the hour. 4 AM wake up calls, sporadic schedules and not much to show for it other than a lot of empty Tim Horton’s cups (Canadian coffee!) and a feeling of worthlessness coupled with exhaustion.


I’m living my dream and growing it to grander scales at a faster pace than I ever thought possible. Naturally; I’m far from perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. I still drink a lot of coffee. And yes, I still wake up at 4 AM. None of that has changed.

The difference?

At 24 years old I now own my own private strength and conditioning facility – over 2100 square feet of training floor, showers, change rooms and more. We’re hovering at the 100-member mark, I was able to employ one team member this year and we turned a profit in the first 6 months. Not too shabby for a first-time business owner. I don’t have a business degree, I also didn’t receive any funding to get this dream rolling and no my parents didn’t pay for my gym.

Although I read quite a few different fitness business coaches and their advice I eventually gravitated primarily towards Jon due to his sincerity and quality of information. He wasn’t trying to sell me on any gimmicky products or courses so naturally when the OTA was released I was more than interested.

I made my money back in the first month. I bought my freedom back about 4 months later when I signed the lease to my first facility.

Now I’m using most of the information I learned and continue to learn from Jon to further grow my dream, the brand I envision and my ability to positively and progressively impact the lives of others.

If you’re still on the fence, want to know more about the course or simply want to connect and soundboard ideas, feel free to send me a Facebook friend request.

I really suck at responding to messages within 2 seconds flat as most people are somehow able to do because I don’t live on my phone / computer, BUT I encourage you to reach out because I’m not far out of the training trenches myself. I know what you’re going through, I know how frustrated you are, and I also know how much the OTA changed my life. The text book is sitting 10 feet away from me in the office. I still refer to it every month.

Although I probably shouldn’t thank Jon for the 37th time – Thanks Jon – I owe you one.”