Bob Aeroh

Tarifa, Spain

Contact This Student: Aerohfit

Speciality: Flexibility, Middle Aged Men/Women, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training, Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Do What I Love, More Family Time, Travel/Work From Anywhere

“I’ve been traveling to Thailand with my family and I met this woman. I trained her at the beach and she was asking for an online session because she is about to leave the country.

I said yes – but wasn’t really happy about it. After 3 sessions with her I realised that this is what I always wanted. I wanted to become an online fitness trainer cause back home we sold everything for a long term travel and the money we saved was nearly gone.

I was so lucky meeting her.

At the same time I bought books about online training, Jon Goodman’s books. I looked him up on Instagram, found him on a photo sitting in my favorite pizzeria on the island in Thailand.

We met, and the rest is history.

I did the course, got more and more clients, the chance to talk to more people, and learning more and more about marketing.

The course gave me tools I could work with. The course itself is just full of everything you need to start – even part time at the beginning.”