Brad Overstreet

Roatan, Honduras

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Speciality: Middle Aged Men/Women, Weight Loss, Working Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Travel/Work From Anywhere

“I have done several training certs online. There have only ever been 2. That is right 2 that initiated any type of contact after purchasing their program. OTA is one of them. I had some major hurdles come up right after signing up last year. I went MIA and yet you still reached out. Rather it was a computer program or a real person that did it does not matter. It was done and took forethought on OTA’s part. I am sitting here looking at a 1,000.00 dollar online cert I purchased 7 months ago. I have not had a chance to crack open the course materials since realizing my dreams of working completely online and moving my family to the Caribbean. Not once have these people contacted me to check. Ask how I am doing or anything. Anyway, thanks for reaching out back them. Jonathan Goodmans program and staff did reach out and I am OTA grad and working 100% remotely because someone thought enough to check in.”