Terrell Baldock

London, Ontario, Canada

Contact This Student: Mom's Fitness Boutique

Speciality: Prenatal/Postnatal Moms

Pre-Academy Experience: Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Do What I Love, More Family Time

Terrell became a personal trainer by fairly traditional means: she got her certification and then started working at a big box gym. However, the longer she worked there, the unhappier she became.

It became apparent that the gym’s approach didn’t align with her values. For example, she recalls being told that body shame amongst female clients was “a good thing” as it kept the clients coming back.

“I was told it was a good thing to make prospective clients cry during a consultation because they would be more likely to buy.”

That values mismatch grew even bigger as Terrell got pregnant and had her first child. She realized that the gym’s expectations and rigid schedules didn’t allow for the flexibility a new mom requires — especially for a mom struggling with severe postpartum depression, as was the case for Terrell.

“I wouldn’t have slept for two or three days, I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, it was bad,” she recalls. “But I couldn’t get anyone to cover my shift.”

At the same time, Terrell realized there was a huge gap in service: prenatal and postpartum needs were not being met in a traditional training environment.

Terrell decided to use her first-hand experience, along with her training, and bridge that gap.

She left the gym, and her business, Mom’s Fitness Boutique, was born.

Terrell knew she had an important contribution to make. She would serve mothers, with a focus on mental health and emotional support.

The question was — how would she do it?

“I wanted to do online training, and I tried, and I failed horribly,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t have a plan, I thought I could just fumble through and figure it out…” but when it came time to renew, “my clients didn’t sign up again.”

Now with a second child — a daughter — Terrell’s dream was on the line. And her time was more limited than ever. Yet she found herself working harder, not smarter.

She tried a few different things, but something was missing.

Then, one day, Terrell made a decision.

“I was out walking with my daughter when I got the notification [for the last chance to sign-up for the Online Trainer Academy]. And I just hit the PayPal button,” says Terrell. “I said to myself, I’m just gonna do this.”

Applying what she learned in the Academy in her own unique way (using her own version of ‘hybrid’ style training), Terrell went from two clients to almost 30 in just five months. And the clients just keep coming. In fact, she’s looking to hire a new trainer to help her keep up with demand.

The best part for Terrell is being able to support her clientele the way they want, and need, to be supported. 

“For many of them, leaving the house is stressful,” says Terrell. “This is basically one-on-one coaching, but over the computer.”  Terrell’s also extending her expertise by training perinatel support practitioners. And now, other fitness professionals and leaders are starting to come to her for business advice.

“If you’d asked me two years ago if I’d ever be in a place like this, I’d say, ‘yeah right,’” says Terrell. “I’m so grateful sometimes I’m just… speechless.”