Wendy Kotorynski

Washington, United States and British Columbia, Canada

Contact This Student: Wendy K Wellness

Speciality: Older Men / Women, Prenatal/Postnatal Moms, Women with Menopause, Working Professionals, Health and Fitness Goals, Nutrition, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Middle Aged Men/Women, Flexibility

Pre-Academy Experience: Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Work/Life Balance, Do What I Love, Make More Money

“Worth. Every. Penny. You learn all sorts of stuff that helps you think about your business and run it successfully: organizing, marketing, sales, all sorts of stuff. I have taken lots of business/entrepreneur courses over the years, and I still learned a TON in the Academy. It also provides a TON of specific info and useful examples on things that will help you be successful and help the people you work with. In addition, there are a ton of useful resources provided. It’s the real deal and not false or ‘inflated’ advertising of the benefits.”