Alex Harriman

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Speciality: First Responders, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Financial Security, More Family Time, Travel/Work From Anywhere

“My son was born in 2017 and as he’s getting older I’m realizing how much less I want to be away from home during the early hours of the morning and late hours of night when I could be spending time with my family.

I started the academy in October and worked at a fairly “comfortable” pace going through the curriculum. As I proceeded through the course I started implementing some of the ideas that I wanted to take action on right away. I found the course so easy to follow. I had to put the book down so many times because it would get my wheels spinning and I had to start writing down or implementing ideas right away.

I was surprised how simple every step has been to implement, there’s nothing really crazy or out there that brings you far outside of your comfort zone.

Five months from the start of my course I graduated and already had 9 clients 1-on-1 online ONLY. This has significantly cut back on the amount of time I need to be training in the gym setting. I am so happy with where the academy has gotten me already and I feel as though I have hardly even gotten started! I can’t wait to see what the future brings and I can’t thank the academy enough for giving me more time to spend with my family.”