Jonathan Sylvester

Houston, Texas, United States

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Speciality: Nutrition, Physique, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training, Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Financial Security, Make More Money, Travel/Work From Anywhere

Jonathan Sylvester has personally seen the impact that online training can have on your income, your freedom and your time. He recently posted the following on Facebook, describing how online training and the Online Trainer Academy has transformed his life. We’ll let him tell his story in his own words.


I’m on my honeymoon in Italy right now and while I have a second I wanted to share a quick story..

5 years ago I was just getting sober, had no formal education, no job prospects, and no idea what the hell I was going to do with my life except for the fact that I loved fitness and really enjoy helping others.

When I decided to become a trainer about three years ago, I came across Jonathan Goodman’s Ignite the Fire. I treated this book like the bible and immediately put as many of the suggestions as I could into action – it started to pay off almost immediately.

I started working the front desk at a neighborhood gym to gain some experience while working on my PT certification and then began to train my first clients at a friends apartment complex gym.

After about a year of solid training, my wife and I moved into a house where I decided to convert the garage into a gym. When I told her that I wanted to be able to just wake up in the morning and walk outside to train my clients she looked at me like I was crazy, but I knew if I continued to apply what I had been learning about how to treat and maintain clients that things would work out.

A few months in I had a solid weekly training schedule where I was having to turn away clients occasionally, which led me to signing up for the Online Trainer Academy. I knew I had to figure out a way to scale my business without directly trading in-person time for money and online training seemed to be the way to go.

So here I am now with just over two years training full time, making around six figures, with the freedom to take two weeks off in Italy and still have some decent income from online clients coming in.

So why am sharing this?

In big part to say that I personally really appreciate and value the information that Jonathan Goodman puts out, but also just to say that if a former drug addict like myself can make this work then you probably can too.

Is my business perfect? Not at all, in fact I’m in the process of making some major changes to the online side of my business, but I’m way beyond where I thought I would be in any career much less one that I really love and I owe this in huge part to [the Online Trainer Academy].