Daryl Ng


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Speciality: Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness Goals, Nutrition, Physique, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Working Professionals, Young Adults/Young Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Make More Money

Daryl Ng was hesitant about signing up for the Online Trainer Academy, in part due to the cost of tuition. However, he jumped in with a monthly payment plan. Eventually, Daryl landed his first new online clients – all before he even graduated from the Online Trainer Academy. Using the strategies he learned in the first few modules of the course, Daryl made enough to quickly pay for the price of the course.

Here are Daryl’s full thoughts, which he shared with prospective students on Facebook:

Are you thinking of joining Online Trainer Academy?
If yes, what’s holding you back?

I’ve just graduated from the OTA, and I’m finally an OTC.

Previous batch, I was hesitant to take on the leap of faith because:
1. I was afraid that I would give up like how I gave up on other online courses.
2. I hung on dearly to my cash. It was painful to set aside cash in return for something I MIGHT give up on again.

After seeing so many people in this group graduate and leave so many positive comments, I decided to take the leap of faith and just go all out. I decided that I would use the money I have earned from personal training to expand my knowledge and expand my capabilities.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

I never regretted my decision.

I didn’t had the cash to pay a lump-sum, so I opted for the instalment plan.

As I was saying, I have given up on several other online courses that were dry as “F-word.” I couldn’t pull myself through those courses. But as for the Online Trainer Academy, Jonathan Goodman and his team have put together a combination of videos and textbook modules that you have to go through, as well as workbook questions you have to fill in before moving on to the next topic. Kudos to that!

You don’t have to finish the whole book to start applying what you have learned. In fact, after the first few topics, I was so excited, got started, eventually got new clients and made enough to pay off my instalment plan.

Just be sure that this isn’t a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, but your efforts will compound like a snowball effect. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but it teaches you how to get clients, gift clients, make your clients stay accountable, assess your clients online, motivate your clients and much, much more.

Seriously, trust me: This is legit good stuff.