Pradyumna Mukundan

Bangalore, India

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Speciality: Nutrition, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Working Professionals, Young Adults/Young Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: Already an Online Trainer

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Make More Money

“I made my returns well before I even invested in the course. How?

Through all of the free information Jon and his team put out regularly. Through the books Jon’s written, through (the now completed) FMM, and of course through all of the great information on ThePTDC and Jon’s newsletters.

A year ago I had started training a couple of clients online, with barely any plan or direction. Now I have a fair number of clients training with me, spread across 3 continents – something I had never envisioned – and a clear idea on how to go about delivering results *and* building a profitable, enjoyable, stress-free business.

Every time I implemented ideas from Jon, it worked. And I built my online business without the OTA – just through all the free information that I gathered over the past 8-10 months!

The information, despite being free, leant so much value and worked so well when I implemented them that signing up for the OTA was a no-brainer. When the OTA opened up in May, I decided to dive in.

I needed a better direction to my business and needed to streamline and structure things better. If all the free stuff had helped me get off the ground, how much more valuable would the information in the course be!

A month ago I passed the OTA and am now a Certified Online Trainer. I still coach my in-person clients since I enjoy that, but I’ve the requisite knowledge and tools to go fully online if I ever choose to.

The course is very well structured and gives you very clear guidelines on how you can start/structure an online career. Having finished the course I now know what areas of my business I can do better at and how. It is extremely simple to understand and effective when put into action.

I went from being stressed about my online program and not knowing whether there was a future to it, to knowing (almost) exactly what that future would be and how I would like to grow the business!

If you’re a trainer looking to go online, or you’re already an online trainer but without a solid direction for your business, I would definitely, highly recommend the OTA.”