Prince Bell Jr.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Contact This Student: Prince's YouTube Channel, Urban Acolyte

Speciality: Gaming/Superhero Fanatics, Martial Arts, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Do What I Love, Financial Security, Travel/Work From Anywhere

“I stopped training completely before joining the Online Trainer Academy. I was working with special needs children as a teacher’s assistant and running my YouTube channel about Star Wars and Superhero movies. When I enrolled in the OTA, what I wanted most was to find something to bridge the gap between all of my passions: training/coaching fitness, martial arts, and my YouTube channel.

When I went through OTA, I had a number of “AHA!” moments–especially in the second half of the course. Like with most new things, you start out excited to do something new.

Things began to get really challenging around the middle of the course. I really had to think about things because it was not a bunch of theory or marketing hype– I literally had to think about how I wanted to build my business. I scrapped a few ideas, and I remember wanting to jump ahead “and just put something out there.”

I decided to hold off on my impulsive idea until after I completed the course. I’m really glad that I did because I would have needed to cover some of the material that I wanted to skip.

Even though I have completed OTA, passed the exam, and have online clients, I still carry my textbook. I still go back and watch some of the lessons. I think even when I reach some of my fellow OTA classmates who are doing things I aspire to do that I will still be going back to look at some lessons.”