Stefan Pichler

Urschendorf, Austria

Contact This Student: Pichler Stef's Training Club

Speciality: Athletes, Middle Aged Men/Women, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Financial Security

“Jon is such a good teacher, and the real life situations he always explains are sooo helpful. My first action I took was I started writing 5 people every day on facebook. I started with fitness content on my personal page when i was just halfway through the course. And the biggest surprise was, i had 5 clients when i was in module 3.. so it was awesome. And it got bigger. Just by now I’m happy to help 25 online clients solve their problems.

I really love what I am doing now and I hope I can have this situation for more than 20 years. For the first time in my life I do what I love, without any kind of negativity.”