Yeo YiQuan James


Contact This Student: Sports Nutritionist James

Speciality: Athletes, Nutrition, Sports and Exercise, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Do What I Love, Financial Security, Work/Life Balance

“Learning the course was good. The chapters were generally easy to get through. But before touching on business, I like that OTA started from us as individuals – Understanding our wants and needs, identifying what makes us comfortable and helping us attain freedom in the mind before freedom in the bank.

The applications were also practical. OTA taught me that business and marketing are not rocket science. In order to sell, the truth is that you just need to provide the right solution to the right people. But that’s not all. After reaching out to clients, OTA also teaches you how to retain them, care for them and be responsible for them.

I liked that OTA was a walk-the-talk course. You do not just learn the how, what and why, you also are shown through actions.

To date, these are the crazy things that has happened since I enrolled:

  • Scored a working deal with Fitbit.
  • Scored a working relationship with one of the top online health food & supplement stores in my country. We’ve connected so well that I’m basically their family friend now, which helps a lot in terms of business.
  • Managed to rent myself a co-working space to improve my work flow.
  • Did many public and corporate workshops, including a train-the-trainer workshop in high profile gyms within my country like TripleFit, Fitness First, and Unilever Network.
  • Did a podcast with Esquire.
  • Scored a seat as an expert on the advisory panel with a DNA testing company.
  • Pulled in many sponsors for my free talks (Having goodie bags for free talk is not very common!)
  • Became one of the preferred source of sports nutrition for many personal trainers, subsequently receiving referrals from different trainers because of the trust we built.
  • Managed to finish the final exam of my studies that I previously couldn’t due to financial commitments
  • Managed to refer more than 10 leads and a few converts to other businesses around me within the first 2 weeks of me joining my co-working space, which in turn deepen my professional relationship with them.  – Referred at least 3 to 4 converts to my co-workers.
  • Improved the sales, marketing and overall business development of friends and coworkers around me (One company took my advise and their instagram grew from 900 to 2000 in a single week, and scored 2 leads, and started seeing converts. Also used a few new ideas I gave them, creating more lead generation).
  • Lost count of the amount of high-flying CEOs I’ve impressed because of how I carry myself.
  • Worked with a few high profile athletes, subsequently helped them to bag medals.
  • Managed to work out a deal with my country’s top-known supermarket to create workshops together.

Much of my success happened because of one of the 2 underlying principles behind the OTA: Do a good job, tell everybody about how damn good you are. How good is OTA? Before the course I had 30 cents left in my bank. That’s how good OTA is. Are you a super good coach who wants to bring your business to the next level? This is it.”