Celeste Penner

“I’m almost through Module 2 of the Online Trainer Academy and I’m loving every step of the journey! I was on the fence about taking the course, but the content is incredibly invaluable.”

Arpita Boyd

I just completed one year as an online trainer, and I started Day 1 with the Online Trainer Academy books in hand, exactly a year ago. I’m thrilled to share that I’ve made $25,000 USD in my first year from online training alone, simply applying the step-by-step approach from the OTA! I’ve trained 105 clients…

Carlton McIntosh

“Thank you for putting together an informative, bad-ass course! For anybody thinking about this, then I’d say go for it. This is coming from a 21-year-old ninja with hardly any money at this moment in time. But before buying this, I was procrastinating so much, then I remembered something I heard: ‘Growth only occurs when…

Dennis Deheza

“I was working through the Academy in the process of moving and now have 10 online clients which I couldn’t get without the OTA’s help,”

says Dennis Deheza. With the Academy, he was able to incorporate an online training component to his business to create a steady secondary stream of income.

Bill Calhoun

“I love that the Online Trainer Academy smashed all that I thought was correct and replaced it with real people logic and communication/engaging skills. Bad habits are being bashed! The beautiful thing about OTA is that it’s an ongoing work-in-progress.  It takes time to adopt new habits (contained within OTA). It’s a resource and academy…

Emma Fay

“I’ve started reading the online training textbook and cannot put it down. I was almost late for my client yesterday as I was so engrossed!” Emma helps busy women aged 24-44 who lack the motivation needed to tone up, get fit and increase strength. With the Academy, Emma was able to build a sustainable online…

Carys Andersson-Jones

“I now have six online clients and am about to launch my first online 30-day challenge for cruise ship crew members!”

Carys studied through the Online Trainer Academy while working on a cruise ship and was able to create and sustain a successful online training business.

Evan Cook

“Up at 4 a.m. to make sure I know how to implement online training the right way? Yeah, I think that’s a high-yield way to spend my Saturday morning. The Online Trainer Academy is easily the best, most thorough and comprehensive online course I’ve ever seen (and I’m only halfway through the second module). Online…

Daniel Lona

With the Online Trainer Academy’s lessons, strategies and scripts, Daniel was able to add “Lean and Confident” (his online nutrition coaching) to his existing business to create a secondary stream of income and give himself more flexibility with his schedule. Here’s what he had to say when he graduated: “YES! Graduating from the Academy was…