Caleb Snyder

Carbondale, Illinois, United States

Contact This Student: Snyder Physique

Speciality: Weight Loss, Working Professionals

Pre-Academy Experience: Already an Online Trainer

Goals: Better Results in Less Time, Do What I Love, Work/Life Balance

“Before OTA I had just restarted my career as a full-time box gym trainer. I wanted to learn the skills to be able to balance time training in person with time training online so that I wasn’t killing myself in the gym to support finances. Working 60-65 hour weeks is not sustainable forever.

I really liked the format and organization of the course. It is done at your own pace, and forces you to really understand yourself and your branding before you start trying to implement too many things at once. As we know in personal training, there is no one perfect way to do things, and this course follows that philosophy. Out of the most successful methods, which ones work for YOU and YOUR BRAND?

[If I didn’t have online coaching] I’d still be hoofing it in the gym all mornings and evenings trying too many different methods with no particular target market – and very possibly burnt out.

David and I opened up an interest-free credit card and bought OTA with it back in September. I have made back all of my money and then some. I was mostly in-person with around 5 online clients at the time. OTA is so worth it. Helped my in-person business skyrocket also.

I turn people away or refer them to other trainers now, because I have all of the right types of clients for my skills. I just paid for a Vegas vacation with a group of friends (flight, hotel, transportation) and had no worries of a financial squeeze!”