Gina Mauricio

San Diego, California, United States

Contact This Student: Run With Gina, Perfect Fit Training

Speciality: Athletes, Middle Aged Men/Women, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Do What I Love, Financial Security, Work/Life Balance

“I am a full time registered hygienist and have been for 21 years.  After completing a masters degree in kinesiology in 2015 is when I started working with a runner here or there as I am a virtual half and full marathon coach.  I eventually got up to 8 runners, but half of them were friends and not paying me.

Then I took the OTA at the end of 2018.  I started highlighting my runners on my personal FB page and not my Run With Gina FB page as suggested in the OTA.  This brought me quite a few runner FB friends as paying clients.

I finished the OTA in November 2018 and employed the tactics of “Top of Mind Marketing”. As I hygienist, I am a healthcare provider that goes over medical histories ALL DAY long. With my masters degree in kinesiology and corrective exercise personal training cert, I am essentially a health coach, personal trainer, and running coach. My ability to serve all types of people is abundant. I have been growing my niche of runners and will have multiple “add on” services to provide as I reduce my hygiene days in the coming year.

I had ZERO training experience before I started working with runners in 2014. With my current niche, I am on target to make $97,000 in total with my continued funds and virtual marathon coaching for 2019. I have yet to eliminate my hygiene days to spend more time on building my business.

Prior to OTA I think the maximum number of runners/clients I had at once was 18 and this month I hit my max of 55 clients. In the OTA, Jonathan Goodman says, “How do you know when someone is famous….when everyone knows their name”. My Rwg logo has been printed on 100s of running shirts. This is top of mind marketing at its best.  I am currently waiting for my shipment of running hats, visors, and trucker hats with the Rwg logo. This is how I get my current clients. I have never paid for advertising.”