James Deirmendjian

Thousand Oaks, California, United States

Contact This Student: Fight Fit Training

Speciality: Athletes, Martial Arts

Pre-Academy Experience: Already an Online Trainer

Goals: Do What I Love, Make More Money

Online training seemed perfect for me, because my process is so numbers intensive. The real driver of progress in my programs is well-defined, properly quantified progressive overload, as well as a by-the-numbers approach to nutrition for those who want to lose fat or gain muscle. Once I can be relatively assured that an athlete isn’t going to injure themselves with faulty exercise technique, my own home-brewed training programs can truly be implemented by anyone in the world who has a smart phone. Results for those who comply are typically as good if not better than in person, because the “baby sitting” factor doesn’t disrupt the need to continually rediscover that what was paid for is work that must be done.

I’m making $6k/month. The Academy has opened my eyes to the possibility of working ONLY for myself and making a reasonable living off of it, or doing better. I feel as if I am just getting started, as there is room for HUGE growth still in this industry.”