Jim Gazzale

Troy, New York, United States

Contact This Student: SENS Fitness

Speciality: Endurance events, Moms, Nutrition

Pre-Academy Experience: Some Online Training Experience

Goals: Make More Money, More Family Time

“I’m currently at 25 online clients, up from 15 when I started taking advantage of the one-on-one coaching calls with my mentor in September.

Monthly revenue over those 4 months has doubled from $1,400 to an extra $2,800 each month. This is incredible!

The common denominator over the last four months as business has increased has been taking advantage of the weekly one-on-one coaching calls. I really can’t say enough about how influential this piece of the OTA has been to growing my online business. Having a mentor to talk through ideas, get feedback, and to hold me accountable has been key to my success in business and with getting results for my clients. I’ve become a better marketer, coach, and communicator with Amber’s guidance. She’s helped me streamline my offerings, organize my pricing, simplify my messaging, and ultimately make more money. I couldn’t be more grateful for her and the OTA. It’s truly been life changing.