Yusra Eshaq

London, United Kingdom

Contact This Student: Fitshatzi Fitness and Nutrition

Speciality: Nutrition, Prenatal/Postnatal Moms, Weight Loss, Women with Menopause

Pre-Academy Experience: New to Online Training

Goals: Do What I Love, More Family Time, Work/Life Balance

“A little backstory:  I have a masters in IT and was a programmer for 8 years before i decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion..fitness. So I did. When I got.pregnant with my 4th, I had about 60 in-person clients and didn’t want to leave them hanging when I went on maternity..this is where the online training idea evolved.

So they did online for about 4 weeks when I was on maternity and they loved it..many stuck with it and many moved to hybrid. And then we moved continents and at this point i had to move everyone online. However, i wasn’t confident, all my initial clients were from in-person so I didn’t know how to attract purely online clients without them knowing how I work or train. 

Hence the enrollment into the Academy, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Since graduating about a month ago, I signed on 10 more clients and retained my old clients. I have defined my niche and even got 2 new certifications on that niche just so I can be the best at what I do. Just so you know, the PTDC was mentioned in my course as one of the good sources of info for prenatal fitness.

My youngest just turned 1. And this is why I am absolutely in love with what you have created! It’s not just convenient and affordable for our clients but also it allows for trainers like me to still be able to do what we love whilst raising a family at the same time. I work around my kids, what more could I ask for!

Anyhow..all I am trying to say is..thank you for all that you do, for the passion you have for what you do, for your willingness to FREELY help all of us who needed help even before becoming your students. You and your team are changing lives.”