Sarah Pelc Graca

“I FINALLY graduated from the Online Trainer Academy after literally years of having the materials. I started out as an in-person PT and over the last 1.5 years have transitioned my business and am now 100% online. Coming from someone who has paid thousands of dollars to “mentors,” (some awesome and some not-so-awesome), I can’t…


Yusra Eshaq

“A little backstory:  I have a masters in IT and was a programmer for 8 years before i decided to take a leap of faith and follow my So I did. When I got.pregnant with my 4th, I had about 60 in-person clients and didn’t want to leave them hanging when I went on…


Jessi McAllister

“I’ve been so fatigued by feeling stuck in my life. My daughter is 2 years old. I’ve already had a few online clients since I enrolled at the Online Training Academy. While I was sick & recovering, I was still able to answer emails to my clients on two-thirds of my laptop screen, while my…


Jason Leenaarts

“For frame of reference, I own a brick and mortar business which will be celebrating our 10-yr anniversary May 2019. Before I took OTA, I had attempted online training three times: two with little success and the third with more success but less consistency of results and streamlined systems. I busied myself with my face-to-face…


Haley Conant

“I have had more people approach me about being their trainer since I started the Academy 4 months ago than I have in the previous 3 years. Do what Jon says and you will create a business to give you the freedom to live your ideal life. I don’t feel like I’m spinning my wheels…


Wendy Kotorynski

“Worth. Every. Penny. You learn all sorts of stuff that helps you think about your business and run it successfully: organizing, marketing, sales, all sorts of stuff. I have taken lots of business/entrepreneur courses over the years, and I still learned a TON in the Academy. It also provides a TON of specific info and…


Carolina Belmares

Carolina runs a hybrid training business which combines a few in-person training clients and dance classes, as well as online training. The in-person part of her business suits her extrovert personality well, but it’s the online training that has really allowed her to meet her goals. For Carolina, those goals revolve around family. The moment…


Tracy Johnson

“I had tried unsuccessfully to get an online training package off the ground last year but didn’t have a clue what I was doing. With the Academy, I was able to identify my niche client group and get busy targeting them so that I didn’t waste time or valuable resources. I learned how to run…


Brianne Clarke

“This was such an incredible course! The great thing about knowledge is, when applied correctly, it can change how you see everything. I can definitely say that I’m so very grateful I did take this opportunity.”

Sue Kauffman

“I started using the marketing system from the Online Trainer Academy late last week and I booked my first client consultation today. It works! You just have to get a system in place and do the work. Even though I’m a full-time teacher, I made over $500 of extra income last month.”